Intermittent: manifestations less than 4 days per week or less than 4 weeks Persistent: more than 4 days and longer than 4 weeks.

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This should be known in order to exclude from the daily diet those foods that cause cross-allergies. At certain times of Robaxin, for example, in spring, when birch, poplar, hazel, etc., bloom, for example, you can’t eat pears, apples, potatoes, honey, parsley, etc., from August to October - ambrosia, quinoa blooms, then from Rdiet, honey, mayonnaise, cabbage, watermelons, etc. should be excluded (table with a list of products that cause cross allergies). Creating comfortable indoor air.


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Food can increase the cross-allergic reaction. Depending on what time of the year an allergy to plant pollen occurs, it is possible to determine the flowering of which herbs or trees causes irritation of the mucous membrane. If you are allergic to pet hair, you will have to part with your pets. The acquisition of Robaxin cats does not solve this problem either. Compensating for the absence of a woolen allergenic cover with powerful allergenic saliva. The aquarium is also not safe - after all, you usually have to feed the fish with dried plankton, which can be a strong allergen.

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To determine it, you should take skin tests from an allergist or donate blood for various allergens. Knowing the enemy by sight, you can try to limit contact with him if it is food, do not eat them, if pollen causes allergies, the ideal way is to go to the sea during the flowering season of allergenic herbs and plants.


Of course, it is easier to deal with allergy manifestations when the cause, the source of the allergy, is known.

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According to the doctor's indications, it is possible to carry out mechanical cleaning of the blood from immune complexes, allergens, toxins. This method has some contraindications and unfortunately has a short-term effect, but in severe cases of allergic reactions it is very effective.